Redemption Codes

We are now allowing redemption codes to be generated on the fly via a webhook. In order to facilitate this we setup a provider for generating codes based on Shopify's Order webhook. All setup providers use the API in similar ways.

POST /redemption_codes/:redemption_code_template_id

Creates a redemption code on demand for a redemption code template


Name Type Description
redemption_code_template_id url segment [Required] Redemption code template id

Distribution Providers


In order for the Shopify webhook to generate a redemption code it must have its signature verified. The endpoint only accepts a Shopify Order Creation webhook payload.

Amazon Simple Pay

To generate a redemption code after a successful Amazon Simple Pay transaction, make sure to use the above API URL for the button's Instant Payment Notification URL.


A 200 is returned on successful creation of the redemption code while status code 422 (unprocessable entity) is returned when there are issues.